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Practice Sand Board 

Slip into the dunes of our desert with professionals of the Sand Boarding, Live the experience "Dune Rider


Visit El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar 

The Reserve is a site of exceptional universal value, that is, unique in the world, declared a protected natural area in 1993 and designated as a natural heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2013.


The Reserve has the largest concentration of "maar" type craters in the world, in addition its volcanic shield has more than 500 cinerite cones, lava flows, stream beds, alluvial fans and mountain masses of basalt, tuff and granite.


The great Altar Desert is the largest active dune field in North America where the unusual star dunes are formed that only exist in a few locations in the world.


Zip line

If heights and adrenaline are your thing, Puerto Peñasco offers a zipline course, one of the longest in Sonora, no less, that rises 2000 feet above dunes with a spectacular view of the sea. The zipline, located on the way to Cholla Bay, consists of five lines with small breaks in between.


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