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Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruíz (QEPD)  

Doctor and Coordinator of Civil Protection and Firefighters 

Doctores Pic# (1).JPG

Dra. Yolanda Venegas

General Hospital Epidemiologist

Doctores Pic# (2).JPG

Dr. Oscar Castro

Health Coordinator

Doctores Pic# (3).JPG

Dra. Juanita Ortega 

Health Center 

Doctores Pic# (4).JPG

Carolina Pacheco

 AIM Director


The Red Cross

A todos los integrantes 

Sector Naval.jpg

Naval Sector

To each member

Municipality Team.jpeg

Municipal Team

To each member

Sanitary Filter.jpg

Sanitary Filter 

To each member


Civil Protection and Firemen

To each member

Comandante Tlaseca.JPG

Public Security

To each member

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Gastro 638

To each member

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